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YKubera Token

YKubera Token is a governance token of the YKubera project. The token will be used to gain full access to all YKubera DeFi products. Owners of this token will earn for utilizing it on the DeFi product especially through staking and farming.

Safe & Secure

Cryptocurrency Wallet App

Decentralized Exchanges and Swap

Defi based DEX Development.
Decentralized insurance applications.

Road Map

A decentralized, distributed Blockchain system providing businesses

Q1 2021
1) Planing and development of YKubera.
2) The first marketing campaign.
1) Launch of the first YKubera DeFi platform
2) Start Listing on 3 exchanges.
3) Launch of the staking platform
4) Expand the network
5) Second Marketing Campaign
Q2 2021
Q3 2021
1) Launch of the staking platform
2) Expand the network
3) Listing on more CMC Exchanges
4) Launch of the Swap platform
5) Third Marketing Campaign
1) Development of DeFi wallet
2) Launch of borrowing and lending
3) Planing and development of YKubera
4) Roadmap update
5) Mobile Application
Q4 2021

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